Specialist solutions on a standard infrastructure

Today’s organizations increasingly find themselves needing to use more and more specialized software applications to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. At the same time, those applications need to work seamlessly with countless existing systems. And they must be delivered to spec, on time, and within budget.

ODI: an efficient framework for building greenfield apps
OCG Development Infrastructure (ODI) is a is a set of chosen, standard technologies and tooling that are designed to provide a solid basis on which to build greenfield applications.

ODI is separate from other platforms such as AIMMS, Excel-as-a-Platform, and ComTec, but can incorporate and work with elements of those platforms if necessary. ODI consists of common technology choices that work well together, reusable components for commonly occurring tasks, a definition of best practices, and tooling to increase developer productivity. In this way the OCG Development Infrastructure strikes a healthy balance between a ‘free for all’ (developers develop everything from scratch) and a framework (developers constrained by the one way a framework thinks you should do something).

A custom solution you can rely on
At ORTEC Consulting Group, we use ODI to build tailored software on what in effect is a standard infrastructure. This has multiple advantages. Using ODI enables us to develop your custom solution faster, so reducing costs. It also ensures your solution is robust, with proven stability and interconnectivity. It makes maintenance simpler, and so cheaper. 

Cloud, on-premise, and PC
We also think about future-proofing and flexibility. All our ODI-based applications are designed from the outset for deployment in the cloud, on-premise, or on PCs. This means that if you decide to move from an on-premise approach, say, to working in the cloud – or vice-versa – your ORTEC application can be ported immediately, with minimal programming changes required.

Choose a tailored solution on ODI when you want:
  • The benefits of a custom solution and the peace of mind of a standard one
  • Proven technology married to the latest technological advances in the web and the cloud
  • A solution that can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or on a desktop
  • Faster and simpler development and maintenance
  • Simpler, faster and more efficient architecture
  • Lower initial and on-going costs

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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