Scalable Architectures for Big Data Processing

The amount of data available to companies and other organizations has exploded in recent years, as the world becomes ever more connected and the number of data sources spiral. And this growth is going to continue for a long time to come. We can help you stay in control of your data. Always.

Big Data is an ongoing challenge
Mastering Big Data and benefiting from its opportunities is a challenge for every organization. The issues raised include how to capture, curate, store, search, share, transfer, analyze, and visualize it. This is compounded by the increasing preference for analyzing larger single data sets (to make it easier to identify business and other trends), and the need for real-time information you can act on.

The right Big Data strategy for you
How much your organization benefits from Big Data depends on the quality, power and ongoing scalability of your data processing architecture. Which is where ORTEC Consulting Group can help. ORTEC employs leading Big Data technologies and advanced analytics tooling to process and model data. We build data warehouses and employ advanced data mining and machine learning technologies. The result is a strategy and solutions that are right for you now – and will continue to be in the future. Below are just some of the tools and technologies we employ:
  • NoSQL databases are often used to drive Big Data solutions because they support faster data reading and writing, make it possible to create more flexible data structures versus relational databases, and support scale out distributed computing.
  • Graph databases use graph structures with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. In many instances, graph databases are faster than relational ones and they scale better to large data sets. They are also a good choice for managing ad hoc and changing data.
  • ApacheTM Hadoop is a distributed parallel processing tool that enables the storage and rapid processing of huge and ever-growing amounts of data across cheap, industry standard servers and PCs. Hadoop can scale without limits and will continue to work in the event of a hardware failure. The Hadoop eco-system also contains tools such as Hive and Pig for different querying needs.
  • Real-Time Stream processing is, or should be, a key element in many organizations’ Big Data strategies. Real-Time Streaming comes into play wherever applications require data analytics to be acted on immediately, from financial trading to online retail, transportation, and telecoms.
  • Advanced analytics tools. There are hundreds of data analytics tools available. ORTEC has carefully selected and uses R, Spotfire and SSRS to meet our analytics needs.

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