Ready-to-go solutions for supply chain design and network routing

Sometimes a question is asked so often, and the answer is so similar each time, that what began as a tailored solution becomes something we can develop into a largely standard one. That’s how ORTEC Network Routing (ONR) and ORTEC Supply Chain Design (OSCD) came to be part of ORTEC’s portfolio of solutions. Both solutions deliver what you need and can be easily fine-tuned and tailored in line with individual business requirements.

Delivery day optimization made easy
ORTEC Network Routing (ONR) is part of our Tactical Route Planning Solution. ONR is ideal for designing optimal timetables for express delivery services. The application calculates the optimum delivery frequencies, days, and load factors, and streamlines and distributes work to the most appropriate depot or vehicle.

Build a robust supply chain
ORTEC Supply Chain Design (OSCD) is a supply chain optimization solution that enables you to evaluate, design, and optimize your logistics, taking into account constraints like pick-up and delivery, optimal truck loading, and so on. OSCD helps you determine and create a supply chain that won’t buckle in the face of dynamic change, such as new products, new customers, new markets, short-notice deliveries, and changes in transport cost structures.

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