Application Platforms – Lightweight Yet Powerful Solutions

With businesses dealing with more and more data every day, it’s tempting to think that every solution has to be a software heavyweight. It doesn’t. Old faithfuls like Microsoft Excel and relative newcomers like Microsoft LightSwitch show that lightweight apps are often all you need to meet your day-to-day data needs.

Visualize simple data with Excel-based apps
Take Excel. Go beyond its well-known spreadsheet functions and it can also be used to build compact apps with an interactive user interface. Excel can be used to visualize data as histograms, line charts, pie charts, scatter plots and other kinds of graphs. Just as importantly from an app-building perspective, you can add buttons, click boxes, drop-down menus and other features to help you navigate and organize large amounts of data.

Build tailored apps quickly with LightSwitch
Microsoft LightSwitch is an excellent tool for creating apps whose primary purpose is to access and present data because it provides a quick way to build “forms-over-data” business applications for PC and cloud. LightSwitch applications have search capabilities, the ability to sort and rearrange grids, and the ability to export data already built in. LightSwitch apps also support typical data operations such as adding, updating, saving, and deleting. Using LightSwitch therefore reduces the amount of routine programming involved to create a custom application.

Within ORTEC Consulting Group we use Excel- and LightSwitch-based apps ourselves – for our internal capacity management planning, for example – and recommend them where appropriate for our clients. In other words, we give you what you need, not more than you need.

Choose an Excel or LightSwitch solution when you want to:
  • Communicate simple data visually
  • Prototype an idea quickly before building a full-blown solution
  • Develop and deploy an application quickly
  • Connect to multiple data sources and support multiple deployment environments.
  • Include custom models and basic functionality out of the box

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