Enterprise-ready Apps Built on Proven Technology

When it comes to building powerful applications for critical business processes, it’s not just optimum performance that counts. There are issues of connectivity, scalability, the availability of support, and proven reliability to consider too. The things that differentiate regular applications from enterprise ones.

Solutions for critical business processes
Enterprise-ready applications are the workhorses of the business world. They support large numbers of users in multiple locations, large data flows, real-time updates, filtering, change auditing, and other aspects of operational processes like mobile communication, dispatching, scheduling, and fulfillment.

Evaluate on a wider set of criteria
In addition to performance and the ability to handle complicated business logic, issues like security, archiving, and maintenance are also crucial when designing and developing enterprise-ready apps. And there are other factors to consider too. These include localization capabilities, connectivity with existing databases, ease of deployment and administration, and a reliable support structure. Added together, all these aspects define whether an application is truly enterprise standard. Or not.

An enterprise solution with proven reliability
For all these reasons, ORTEC Consulting Group develops enterprise-ready solutions on our own ComTec framework, a unified technology platform of loosely-coupled components. These robust components deliver optimal individual services, while at the same time adding up to a complete, integrated, and dependable solution. Optimization services supported by the ComTec framework cover scheduling, dispatching, real-time broadcasting, optimization, data management, mobile communication, reporting, and routing.

Choose a ComTec-based enterprise application when you want:
  • Reliable mission critical business processes
  • Support for large data flows, including live grids, etc
  • Easy localization and seamless connectivity with other applications your organization runs
  • Easy deployment and known support requirements
  • High availability and distributed computing load balancing possibilities
  • Fault tolerance and easy scalability
  • A software architecture with a proven track record for reliability

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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