ORTEC software solutions for SAP

SAP Transportation Management

With increasing logistics costs, increasing customer-specific requirements and the emergence of more and more links in the logistics chain, choosing the right transportation management solution is more than just a question of what’s right for you now. It’s a strategic decision. The solution you choose needs to be comprehensive, flexible, and capable of being scaled up and down as required.

SAP TM meets all the requirements of a transport management application that is fit for the future. Use it to plan, manage, and supervise all incoming and outgoing national and international transport. Consolidate tasks and optimize transport processes throughout your business to achieve higher returns by reducing transport costs.

SAP TM integrates seamlessly into SAP Business Suite and supports cross-company processes. It facilitates transparency with web interfaces that enable you to incorporate haulage companies and shipping agents into your system, and to manage and combine orders beyond your company’s borders. It includes advanced analytics, event management tools, and reports. And being modular you can add and remove functions as required.

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