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SAP Transport Optimization Solutions and Services

ORTEC Consulting Group has years of experience in optimizing business processes using fact-based decision-making technologies. Drawing on this we offer five optimization solutions and services to help companies get the maximum possible benefit from their SAP systems and related ORTEC solutions. By adding optimization to SAP, ORTEC Consulting Group can help you evaluate the efficiency gains you can make in load building, distribution networks and route planning, get value assessments, and benefit from continuous business and process improvements.

ORTEC Quick Scan for Load Building
With even fully loaded trucks rarely being loaded as well as they could be – optimally – the ORTEC Quick Scan for Load Building is almost guaranteed to uncover potential efficiency and optimization gains. The software scans your data to identify your potential gains.

ORTEC Value Assessment
Running an ORTEC Value Assessment on your business can help you identify any improvement possibilities, and to quantify potential cost savings. Using your historic data the value assessment finds inefficiencies and improvement opportunities within routing and load building, which in most cases range from a 5% to a 15% improvement.

Distribution Network Design & Optimization
Are you supplying your customers via the optimal distribution center, based on a range of factors? Are your depots in the best places? Do you have excess storage space? Using our supply chain optimizer, we can help you work out the best location and distribution strategy for your logistics network.

Tactical Routing
ORTEC Tactical Routing (ORTEC TR) is the quick way to enhance and optimize your distribution route planning. ORTEC TR enables you to accurately analyze and streamline your delivery routes – continually. Using ORTEC TR you can modify your distribution to suit changing patterns of business, to resize your vehicle fleet, and make what is happening on the ground clearly visible.

Continuous Business and Process Improvements
When changing needs are the only constant, the only way to ensure your business continues to run optimally is to seek further optimization opportunities in an ongoing, continuous cycle. ORTEC Consulting Group monitors and audits your implemented solution to support you in continually adjusting and improving your business processes and strategy.

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