ORTEC software solutions for SAP

Certified SAP Add-ons

ORTEC Consulting offers a range of certified SAP add-ons that extend the standard functions of your SAP Logistics applications. These solutions work within SAP and have been developed using SAP technology and SAP standards, so guaranteeing seamless integration and optimum job performance. Based on real-world scenarios, they bring you a significant step closer to delivering the ‘perfect order.’

Our SAP add-ons for SAP ERP and SAP TM help you improve your processes by extending your SAP system’s capabilities in box, pallet and load building, truck load optimization, warehouse status monitoring, and workload forecasting.

Box, Pallet and Load building for SAP TM
ORTEC Box, Pallet and Load Building enables companies to size customer and replenishment orders by optimizing pallet and load building at order creation. This robust solution helps you build plans for mixed pallets, optimized pallet patterns, and trailer loads that maximize vehicle capacity.

Truck Load Optimizer
The Truck Load Optimizer add-on helps companies to fully utilize the carrying capacity of the vehicles in their fleet – even when doing so means relying on demand forecasts made in advance of receiving a confirmed order or shipment.

Warehouse Status Monitor
The Warehouse Status Monitor provides a structured overview of the status of individual activities within the warehouse. This overview can then be used to define actions that will optimize efficiency in the warehouse.

Workload Forecast
The Workload Forecast add-on uses the Delivery Monitor’s estimate of pending deliveries to calculate the likely workload in the warehouse for the next few days. It can also forecast peak loads in due time.

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