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Data Cleansing for Parcel Express Postal Companies

Trouble finding the treasures in your data warehouse?

Ever since data scientist was proclaimed the hottest job out there, more and more big data conventions started popping up and business gurus suddenly began claiming data analysis as The Future, you may well have started wondering what big data might mean for your business.

Parcel, Express & Postal companies tend to generate a lot of data: your customers’ transportation requests, scans made at your sorting centers, live status updates of (attempted) deliveries etc, etc. But to unlock its huge potential, it’s vital to ensure your data is high quality.

Data: you’re generating the quantities, but how’s the quality?

Maybe you’re lucky and your data is up to snuff already. But if not, don’t worry: you’re not the only one.

There can be many causes for data quality issues, such as having multiple systems, depending heavily on manual input or simply being a multilingual company. All these scenarios result in a variety of data that doesn’t all answer to a single uniform format. Which, along with a bit of bad luck, could turn your precious data into so many useless megabytes.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean an end to your endeavors in the world of data. Data cleansing is one of the many services we offer as one of the world’s first and most successful providers of analytics solutions, including a strong track record in the Parcel, Express & Postal sector. Interested? Why not contact us?

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