ORTEC optimization platform for Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Stock Replenishment

Monitoring current stock levels is one thing. But for a controlled Vendor Managed Inventory environment, you must be able to accurately predict future stock levels.

Finding the right balance between on-time delivery and maximum drop size is complex. The planner needs to decide on the best moment for the delivery, which storages to deliver to, the optimal delivery volume, and how to increase delivery size and prevent peak demands.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC Demand Forecasting & Order Generation helps planners find the ideal product delivery moment and size. Stock levels are determined from sources including telemetry, delivery readings, and sales and usage data, with an alerting system flagging up unusual readings. While forecast demands are used to calculate future stock levels, taking into account everything from the combination of storages on a site to delivery windows and vehicle/compartment sizes.

Benefits include more on-time deliveries, fewer stockouts and optimal drop sizes. It also means less reworking of schedules during execution, freeing your planners for other priorities. 

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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