Electricity Poles

Smart Grid Optimization

Smart grids are transforming the way we generate, deliver and consume utilities. But the emergence of these new tools also poses a classic big data challenge for energy companies. How can companies process the staggering amounts of information being produced by connected grids and increasingly connected appliances, and how can this data be applied strategically?

Gain new business insights through smart grid data
A utility grid is a complex system with lots of interdependencies. Advanced analytics algorithms can help you make this data actionable, and turn seemingly meaningless numbers into valuable insights. Gain a deeper understanding of energy generation, distribution and consumption patterns and utilize this data to optimize your grid’s operation in real time.

Leveraging data for decision support
ORTEC Consulting Group’s Optimization Platform enables you to translate smart grid data into better planning, increased energy efficiency, lower environmental impact and customer retention. Model every aspect of your smart grid, evaluate every constraint and planning scenario, compare outcomes and achieve the best level of performance to meet customer needs and regulatory demands with ease.

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