ORTEC optimization platform for Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Routing and scheduling optimization

Customers are more demanding, legislation stricter, fuel and labor costs higher. And with a growing trend towards supply chain optimization, to plan routes and driver you must take into account a wide range of factors.

Unaided, no planner can process windows for loading and unloading; speed limits and congestion; vehicle weights, volumes, pallets and compartments; vehicle and driver availability; driving regulations; cost structures for subcontractors and multi-depot scheduling, as well as a range of industry-specific business constraints. The only answer in today’s competitive world is an effective optimization solution.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC’s route scheduling solutions optimize routes for both distribution and collection, including combinations of mixed collection and distribution, in- and outbound or multi-depot scenarios.

The solution shows the best option for placing an order or route within a new or existing schedule. But the final decision is with the planner, who can try out scenarios, adjust schedules and overrule restrictions at any time. Progress screens let you compare different optimization strategies and alternative strategies can also be modelled, for example for different business divisions.

A user-friendly interface gives continuous full schedule overview: orders, routes and resources; Gantt charts and maps showing information graphically; and real-time KPI gauges that indicate the quality of each schedule.

Apart from more efficient operations, the benefits include reduced empty miles and improved vehicle utilization, delivering cost savings, generally between 2–10%; reduced CO2 footprint; increased span of control for planners; greater flexibility; and higher service levels with fewer late deliveries.

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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