Refinery Optimization

Traditionally, the global refining industry has been driven by a steady growth in the consumption of transportation fuels. However, current margins are low and there is a pressing need to optimize refinery operations and profits. The overall economics or viability of a refinery depends primarily on three key elements: crude slate, refinery complexity/configuration, and product slate.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC has assisted over 15 refineries worldwide in optimizing these three key elements, and in integrating their refinery planning, scheduling and blending.

We offer a range of solutions in refinery planning and scheduling. We help customers optimize the use of their existing systems, either by building onto existing systems or where necessary replacing them. Our refinery planning solutions support refineries with linear programming models, monthly planning, investment decisions, cargo analysis and custom reporting.

At ORTEC we have developed tools for both crude blend scheduling and product blending, determining the economically optimal blend recipe given the available components, prices, product qualities/quantities and latest blend rules.

ORTEC is also an implementation partner of m:pro, an application that enables petroleum refining, petrochemical and other industries to achieve total integration of information sources and applications.

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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