Pipeline and Plant

Pipeline Scheduling

Pipelines are an important and extensive mode of transport for liquid and gaseous products. Pipeline Networks operate around the clock, throughout the seasons and under almost every weather condition. Lines can have multiple entry and exit points, and provide transport for a wide range of products. To plan your pipeline operations successfully, you need to take multiple things into account. How do you get tank assignments, ordering, prioritization and planning right, while monitoring delivery dates and on-going inventory and quality profiles?

These diverse factors result in interesting mathematical puzzles that we like to solve.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC Consulting Group has over 25 years of experience in developing user friendly applications for pipeline, shipping, blending and feed scheduling.

For Gas networks, ORTEC has developed a model to determine the optimal use of compressors and the optimal investment plan.

In addition, ORTEC has developed a crude pipeline/blending scheduling application that uses a MIP optimization model to determine the best crude blend at any given moment, taking quality specifications, availability, tank inventory, hardware, user preferences, and line-up configuration into account. The solution optimizes ship discharges, forecasts the inventory and quality profiles of the crude pool, and determines the optimized targets for crude blends for a given crude arrival sequence.

For refined products, we developed a pipeline scheduling system that optimizes the monthly plan of pipeline movements. This pipeline network connects a number of refinery tank farms and import terminals on the upstream end to inland terminals near the demand areas on the downstream end.

We have also developed a GTL pipeline scheduling system that supports the blending of fuels through a pipeline network between tank farms.

Dynamic Pricing
ORTEC has devised a dynamic pricing strategy that optimizes pipeline utilization and ensures a balanced supply of oil and gas into the pipeline system. This strategy is being used by a major operator and has delivered compelling business benefits.

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