LNG Tanker

LNG Strategic Decision-making

Global LNG trading and capacity are increasing by some 7% per year, new (Greenfield) LNG plants and terminals are being built all over the world, and existing plants are expanding. This calls for informed investment decisions that not only incorporate production trains and technology (C3MR/ APCI, Cascade, Shell DMR or Linde/ Statoil), but also either a portfolio perspective or additional LNG plant infrastructure in the form of jetties, berths and/or storage facilities.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC assists multiple LNG plants in the analysis and cost estimations needed for large investment decisions.

Our solutions optimize the entire gas supply chain for Greenfield design and support decisions on how to monetize gas. We employ discrete event simulation modeling and mathematical optimization technology to optimize the size of a company’s storage facilities.

ORTEC also optimizes LNG contract portfolios, so you can assess LNG project value (e.g. contract structures with diversion options, upside sharing or seasonality) even in a volatile market. 

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