LNG Tanker

LNG Operational Decision-making

In both the Oil and Gas industries, players are competing for customers, production licenses, operatorship, capital and experienced human resources. The key factors are demand, exploration and production costs, global production levels, oil and gas prices, and government regulations. In such a competitive environment it is not only crucial companies optimize their operations, but also that they learn from others’ experiences and then adopt best practices.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC assists LNG plants with the development of multiple-decision support systems. LNG plants around the world use an ORTEC built plant planning and scheduling system to create and manage their Annual Delivery Plan (ADP).

ORTEC is also experienced in the development and maintenance of LNG benchmarking platforms. Our analytical roots mean we are specialized in translating database numbers into meaningful and comparable KPIs such as operating costs, production, energy, loss, utilization, availability, safety and environment. Companies can use these benchmarks to identify opportunities, improve performance and create more value in their LNG business processes. 

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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