LNG Tanker

Gas to Liquids

This commercially proven technology is a strategic choice. On the one hand, GTL plants develop a wide range of high quality, low emission energy products that are easy to transport. On the other, GTL plants are complex in design and operation, and there is no such thing as a standard GTL plant.

As a result, excellence in GTL depends on the optimization of every link in the GTL value chain, as well as plant design and operations.

How ORTEC adds value
With our partner AIMMS, ORTEC develop tools for GTL plants at both the strategic and operational level.

For example, we optimized the design of the synthesis in a GTL plant. Taking into account the economics, different manufacturing techniques, operating conditions, feed selection, carbon modeling and energy modeling.

In another case, we developed a GTL shutdown planning tool that spreads the shutdowns of the reactors over time so as to reach optimal performance. 

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