Dispatching & Event Management

An optimal route schedule is not enough. It’s just as important to manage execution of your schedule effectively. So you can anticipate and avoid costly disruptions, and respond instantly to everything from urgent orders and congestion to breakdowns and failed deliveries.

If not, the effect on key areas such as transportation costs and customer service levels can be dramatic. And your planners and dispatchers come under increasing pressure. Firefighting problems, which inevitably leads to a vicious circle of poor decisions and increased strain on the schedule.

How ORTEC adds value
The dispatch functionality of ORTEC Routing & Dispatch gives planners the overview, decision-making support and automation they need. Monitoring and managing dispatch via a range of features, including real-time interface with onboard computers and mobile devices; continuous recalculation of reliable ETAs; real-time insight into resources availability; time restriction checks; insight into quantities delivered and left on-board; dispatcher alerts with optimization proposals; online track-&-trace for customers; and real-time KPI updates, for example on late arrivals or waiting times.

Longer-term you can develop a leaner, ever-more efficient planning process by pinpointing key issues and where processes can be automated. While better management of exceptions means higher service levels, substantial cost savings, and improved staff satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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