ORTEC optimization platform for Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Depot Optimization

Efficient distribution and routing of fuels and chemicals contributes significantly to an Oil or Gas company’s profitability. Companies need to make smart decisions about which potential assets to invest in and how best to utilize existing assets. Network analysis and simulation studies can help companies select the best depot locations, identify bottlenecks and optimize distribution routing.

How ORTEC adds value
Over the years, ORTEC has performed several studies in this area, and developed tools and systems that enable depot and distribution optimization. One example is Gantry Analysis, a toolbox used to simulate the gate-to-gate process of trucks at fuel distribution terminals.

Gantry Analysis offers a wide range of possibilities for ‘what-if’ analyses to help companies assess the effectiveness of their loading terminals. Clients have used results with great success for both strategic and tactical planning (e.g. the design of a gantry) and operational planning (e.g. product assignment of loading arms.

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