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Capital Cost Estimating

Increasing global energy demand is accelerating the pace of change within the energy industry. Leaving regulatory and environmental rules, as well as competitive landscapes, in a state of constant flux.

So it is increasingly important companies make the right decisions quickly and accurately if they are to maintain a leading position in the industry. From the selection phase through to the final decision to execute a new capital project, it is essential to understand the capital cost investment that will be required.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC works with Shell on capital cost estimating. For example on a Cost Capital Estimating Tool (CCET), a major project that is bringing together a wide selection of cost estimating tools and legacy systems.

CCET is capable of providing project estimates even from minimal information. It supports early estimation phases with best practice values. And being an end-to-end system, CCET minimizes the need for additional compilations, and assures the quality and consistency of the estimate. Giving businesses the capabilities to respond adequately to today’s project and economic environment.

Cost is calculated by applying unit rates, while location settings allow estimations of projects anywhere in the world. 

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