Happy Holidays Header 2015

Happy Holidays

This year has been very successful for ORTEC! We have received numerous awards and honorable mentions, encouraging us to keep up the good work and translate our best insights directly into our services and solutions.

To celebrate and remember our milestones, we asked artist Vera van Wolferen to create a wonderful winter sculpture. The sculpture is the star of our Season's Greetings stop-motion video. Vera made the intricate sculpture by using 62 sheets of paper, a pot of glue, a dose of creativity and patience, and more than one hundred LEDs. All other objects, dates and scenery in the video symbolize important moments in ORTEC’s history and growth. The number 35 as finishing touch at the top, depicts ORTEC’s 35th anniversary  2016. We hope you enjoy our short film, happy holidays!

To watch this movie directly on YouTube, click here

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