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Disruption Management

In today’s competitive world, supply chains are tested to their limits. To cope with the resulting high capacity utilization and dense schedules, many companies already benefit enormously from scheduling software that optimizes supply chain cost efficiency while still meeting customers’ demands.

But even the most advanced scheduling software can’t prevent the regular disruptions that are a part of operational reality, such as delays or the sudden breakdown of crucial machinery. Currently, when such things happen you have to manually re-optimize the original schedule from scratch. Often resulting in a very different schedule, which is liable to confuse and disrupt users throughout the supply chain.

How ORTEC adds value

In response to this problem, ORTEC has developed a Disruption Management Tool that within seconds ‘repairs’ your schedule with minimum changes to the original. So it remains stable and avoids disruption or confusion amongst your operators and customers.

The Disruption Management Tool is an add-on to the ORTEC Supply Chain Scheduling platform. When a disruption occurs, it almost instantly gives you a couple of clear alternatives that let you decide whether, for example, your current priority is keeping down operating costs, reducing time delays or minimising changes to the original schedule. Then you simply repair your schedule accordingly at the touch of a button.

So from now on, when things go wrong within your supply chain... they don’t.

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