Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG Supply Chain Process Optimization and Design

In order to deploy your supply chain network optimally, it is important to optimize design, planning and control of supply chain processes throughout the network.

Supply chain processes like demand management, supply management, inventory management and supply chain planning should support achieving the performance requirements of the entire supply chain network. These processes should be monitored on a frequent basis and adapted to actual supply chain needs.

How ORTEC adds value

Supply chain process design
Optimized utilization of the supply chain network requires many tactical decisions: assigning customers to distribution centers, setting target stock levels, determining planning cycle time, or determining the customer order decoupling point. Our consultants work with CPG companies to design supply chain processes that optimally contribute to the performance requirements.

Sales & Operations Planning
one of the major challenges for CPG companies is to balance supply and demand in the supply chain network. ORTEC develops tailor made S&OP processes that are underpinned by facts and figures. Depending on a company’s maturity level ORTEC offers advanced optimization tools.

Best practice analysis and implementation
In order to optimally deploy your supply chain network, there is a huge amount of practices to select from. ORTEC assists CPG companies in identifying the right best practices, based on the performance requirements to be achieved. Our supply chain consultants combine their experience with structured knowledge from the SCOR framework.

Predictive analytics, demand sensing and demand shaping
ORTEC works with various CPG partners on demand sensing and demand shaping. Knowing the customer behavior allows to react effectively and efficiently. But even more, being able to shape demand offers the ultimate means to meet strategic goals. Developing everything from analytics and what-if analyses right through to a total optimized supply chain solution that can react to demand, and optimize inventory requirements, truckload shipments, executable pallets, pick/path and delivery routes.

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

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