Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG Supply Chain Operations

In the CPG industry you are as good as your supply chain operations. Although supply chain operations are typically managed on line or process management level, they are of crucial importance to the execution of the business strategy. It’s not only the product gateway but in a sense also the information gateway. Both analytics and agility play a crucial role in supply chain operations. CPG companies must know the trends in consumer behavior and how these trends affect their supply chain.

At operations level your strategy will be tested. Supply chains, supply chain networks and processes wouldn’t work without the right resources at the right time: staffing, materials, production equipment and IT tools. CPG companies face the challenge of optimal deployment of the key resources that support their processes and increase process performance.

How ORTEC adds value
Big data number crunching: ORTEC is at the forefront of developing solutions that can leverage the huge potential big data has to offer our customers. From analyzing real-time data to large datasets. ORTEC Consulting Group not only finds the answers you need, but maybe even more important: works with you to find the right questions.

Orchestrated collaboration: ORTEC provides the solutions that allow CPG companies to collaborate effectively with potential partners in the supply chain. Realizing mutual benefits for both parties ranging from reduced shipping costs and fewer shortages to lowering LTL costs and improving on-time delivery.

Lowering logistics costs: ORTEC solutions help you maximize weight & cubage to reduce freight. Leading to improved efficiencies while also helping reduce handling costs and minimize delivery penalties.

Better customer order intelligence: ORTEC solutions help CPG businesses decrease their order discount inaccuracies, reduce their inventory, and increase their order fill rate.

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