Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG Supply Chain Network Optimization

Having designed and defined their supply chain requirements and supply chain strategy, CPG companies face the challenge of setting up a supply chain network that optimally supports both requirements and strategy. Optimized supply chain networks allow for maximizing profits while meeting service demands at the same time. Supply chain networks must be adaptive and ready for future growth, and should minimize the business exposure to supply and demand risks.

Supply Chain Network optimization is all about finding the right balance between relevant strategic parameters. The right supply chain network design is one of the most essential tools in realizing your strategic business targets.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC works with CPG companies in optimizing their supply chain network by offering a unique combination of business knowledge and our unparalleled experience with robust optimization. ORTEC helps you stay ahead of the competition. This service is supported by ORTEC Supply Chain Design, ORTEC’s powerful network optimization tool.

Learn more about the ORTEC approach
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