Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG Site Logistics

In the consumer packaged goods industry, logistics processes can be extremely complex. Goods flow in and out production facilities, people move in and out, there are trucks waiting to be loaded or to unload. An extensive chain of logistics activities, that requires tight coordination and highly accurate planning. A small delay or a small disruption on a single site can have enormous effects on the entire supply chain.

Site Logistics is concerned with the optimal co-ordination of all logistics movements within a single site location: for example a production facility, distribution center or an industrial site. In these critical and complex environments numerous questions and bottlenecks must be resolved, often within a very short timeframe.

How ORTEC adds value
The ORTEC Consulting Group offers customized planning and applications that can handle all kinds of potential disruptions during the logistics chain, such as last-minute requests, delays and priority changes.

Our site logistics solutions generate real-time management information and calculate dynamic alternatives when circumstances change. Solutions that deliver improved financial performance, increased planning control, detailed visibility across the entire supply chain and increased service levels for customers and business relations alike. 

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