Optimizing operational logistics

Optimizing operational logistics with Big Data

The rapid growth in real-time and near real-time data is making it possible to monitor and optimize operational logistics to a degree that was unimaginable only a few years ago. But the inclusion of EOBRs in trucks, sensors and RF tags in trailers, RF readers in distribution centers, and the use of smart phone or other handheld devices is creating masses of data.

Order, manage, and model
This data has to be ordered, managed, correlated and modeled before it can be used to improve the efficiency of your logistics chain. And the scale of this challenge is so big that you can’t afford to plunge in and hope – you need a considered strategy to handle the deluge of data.

New insights for better decision
With the right infrastructure to capture and analyze this information, you can get new insights into your customers, operations, and partner networks. This can help you make better strategic and real-time decisions that deliver a truly differentiating competitive advantage.

Eliminate logistics bottlenecks
ORTEC consultants can help you identify any bottlenecks in your supply chain. It could be an over-utilized depot or inefficient route. Or simply the inefficient use of production equipment. We can also help you improve the flow of data through your organization, using heuristic/MILP analytics and modeling.

Drill down to raise your game
And for companies that really want to lead the way, we can help you optimize your transit logistics and set trigger events using streaming, processing, data mining and analytics technologies that give you the a detailed picture on trips completed, tire condition, and correlations between routes and fuel used.

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