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Improving Supply Chain Forecasting with Big Data

How much do your factories need to produce today to meet demand this week, this month, or this quarter? For the festive season? During the upcoming holiday? What’s the optimal amount of stock you should hold in your depot and stores? When is the right time to place a just-in-time order with a supplier? How do you decide when to ship and how much to stock?

Find an edge in a competitive world
 When margins increasingly depend on how well and how quickly you can scale up and scale back production, swap one product for another, manage stock, deliver the expected quality, and track and trace products, these are the questions that matter.

Transform your demand planning with Big Data
ORTEC consultants can help you get the answers. We add value by helping you connect production planning with inventory management and other data sources like sales. But we can also help you take several big leaps further. Incorporating data from remote sensors, for example. Collecting information from RFID chips, from location data, search, and mobile. Optimizing production schedules and demand prognoses by curating what your customers are liking, pinning, sharing and tweeting.

Correlate, understand, and forecast more precisely
Most importantly, we can help you correlate all this information and, using cutting-edge technologies like real-time stream processing and graph databases, turn it into something that will power your demand and supply chain forecasting to a whole new level.

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

Contact us to learn more about our unique, quantitative approach. We'd be delighted to answer any questions you have and to discuss your particular business challenges.