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High Impact Crime Effect Allocator

Unfortunately police forces the world over are overstretched. Making a key part of the fight against crime the battle to allocate limited resources as effectively as possible.

Police departments want to ensure they’re doing the right things in the right places at the right times. And that requires officers responsible for allocating resources being able to make informed choices about interventions.

How ORTEC adds value
In partnership with the Dutch National Police, ORTEC has developed High Impact Crime (HIC) Effect Allocator. This preventative policing solution analyses the effectiveness of long-term and current interventions to help police forces and individual shift leaders identify which interventions will deliver maximum impact in areas such as street crime, burglary and assaults.

The dashboard shows likely intervention effectiveness by neighborhood, crime category, etc. Providing daily updates and incident reports; making crime incident prognoses; highlighting potential public order hot spots and criminal activity; and advising on the most effective interventions to meet immediate challenges and strategic policing priorities.

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