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Fraud Detection

The digital age has created new opportunities for criminals, and with it new challenges for companies in the Financial and other sectors. But by harnessing the huge amounts of data now available to such businesses, ORTEC can help them catch the fraudsters.

How ORTEC adds value
Take a bank. ORTEC can develop models of normal behaviour by the bank’s customers, then help it analyse its data to spot behavioural anomalies amidst the mass of customer activities. So while it might be normal to travel 200km to make a maximum withdrawal from an ATM occasionally (on holiday, for example), if it’s done several times in 24 hours there’s a good chance that card has been stolen.

Identifying such deviations is relatively easy once your behaviour model is in place. But developing such models is highly complex work.

Luckily ORTEC has been at the cutting edge of modelling and data analytics for over 30 years. And since the advent of Big Data, we’ve been using predictive analysis and forecasting to transform what is often real-time data into sharp insights. Helping our clients in the ongoing fight against fraud and other crimes.

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