Business Analytics

Customer Profiling and Enhanced CRM with Big Data

The typical marketer has no lack of statistics to work with. The roll call of metrics ranges from sales, inventory, production and CRM data to transaction data, promotions data, and many more. But all any of this really tells you is what has happened – not what your customer is going to want or do next. Or new ways to reach other potential customers.

Know what data you have – and expand it
The first step in creating truly useful marketing data is to combine what you already have. The next is to incorporate new data sources like social, location, and search. Doing this turns a largely historic trail into a modern but reliable version of a crystal ball.

Build meaningful customer profiles
 Link data together and you can start to create fuller, more complete individual profiles. These can help you improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty. Manage customer revenues based on individual profiles. Encourage impulse buying with real-time pricing. Improve personal recommendations and attract new customers you might otherwise never have reached.

Leverage all your customers’ touch points
In this world of Big Data, it isn’t the individual data that matter, but where they meet and what this tells you about your customer. If someone posts their diet on Facebook, you can send them a targeted ad for a two-for-one offer on low calorie cola. If you know someone doesn’t eat meat and has been invited to a BBQ, recommend one of your veggie burgers as they walk round your store.

Take your marketing to a new level of sophistication
ORTEC consultants can help you devise a Big Data strategy that will take your marketing to this new level of sophistication. We can help you define your optimum strategy. We can help you cross-correlate data and turn it into a uniform format. We can recommend data modeling solutions. And we can help you master tools like NoSQL, to store user profiles, and advanced analytics to model data and visualize relationships. We can help you proactively predict individual behavior and apply those insights across your business. 

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