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Big Data - Beyond Technology

Everyone wants to get the most out of their Big Data. Ensuring it’s well managed is a good first step, but at ORTEC we look beyond the technology. Helping you find new ways to transform your Big Data into solutions that add real value to your business.

How ORTEC adds value
Using predictive analysis and forecasting, we draw on decades of data analytics work with clients in many different sectors to frame the right questions. Then leverage Big Data technology to answer them.

Via our Big Data Portal, we can develop your own bespoke workflows or use templates created for key areas, such as fraud detection or customer segmentation, which we connect to your various data sources. Summarising our analysis in a user-friendly report that highlights the key insights and opportunities for your business.

We can also help you consider Big Data’s wider possibilities. With Investigative Studies that use cutting-edge techniques to uncover interesting patterns in your data, displayed on an interactive dashboard that lets you use your business-specific knowledge to reveal insights that can give you a genuine competitive edge.

Or a FREE Inspiration Session, where we brainstorm with you on how Big Data could help your business in ways that might never have occurred to you — or your competitors — before.

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