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Big Data Analytics

What could today’s data be doing for you?
Businesses and governments used to have only limited sources of reliable information on which to decide their strategy. Today they have vast and increasing amounts of data on which to base their decisions. In-house (transactional, logs), sensors (RFID, GPS), external (studies, social) – the amount of data continues to grow, and it’s increasingly available in real-time as well.

Knowledge is your competitive edge
In an ever more connected world the ability to analyze, manage and leverage data can help you improve your services and products, and create new ones. It can help you learn more about the wishes, preferences and needs of your customers and prospects. It can help you to enter new markets, create new processes, and work more safely. It can give you unprecedented insights into how your business is really performing.

Data analysis is the foundation
First though you have to get your data into a usable form. We can help you model your data effectively and utilize distributed Big Data platforms technologies, like Hadoop, that are open source. We can help you implement parallel processing, clustering, virtualization, and large grid environments that make Big Data sets easier to handle and manage.

Data strategy is where the added value lies
But this is only part of the story. The real opportunity lies in knowing what you can, should or could do with the increasing quantities of data that are available. In a Big Data world, the biggest challenge businesses face is avoiding the trap Henry Ford identified: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” – but with more data to support it.

How ORTEC Adds Value
ORTEC Consulting Group can help you approach your data opportunities strategically. Projects we are involved in include improving targeted advertising, large-scale revenue management for tickets in the airline industry, and an analysis of the optimal transportation of all goods for a major express delivery organization.

Big Data demands we think bigger
And we can help you, too. Help you identify and assess your data opportunities and define which data strategies will enable you to meet them. Help you implement the technologies you need, from data warehousing, data mining and machine learning technologies to implementing NoSql databases, leveraging MapReduce frameworks, and Real-Time Stream processing.

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