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Benchmarking Services

How efficient are your processes? Are you operating in the optimum locations? Are you equipped to meet continually increasing price competition and changing service expectations? What drives performance across locations and what are the main differences? Are you doing enough to stay ahead of your competitors, or are they doing even more?

These are questions every business faces. Benchmarking helps organizations compare themselves with their peers, identify top quartile performers, learn about internal and external best practices, and make the changes required to become or remain an industry leader. Measuring and comparing is a key way to improve and grow your business. The answers are in the data.

How ORTEC adds value
With over 20 years’ benchmarking experience in sectors ranging from the highly volatile oil, gas and chemical industries to high tech, people-focused fields like health care, ORTEC Consulting has the benchmarking expertise you need. Our knowledge, quantitative skills and advanced tools help you identify data requirements, set up comprehensive databases, and define smart KPIs. Detailed benchmarking reports give you the information you need to optimize your business’s performance.

Our Benchmarking Services cover the following areas:
  • Process benchmarking
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Strategic benchmarking
  • Personnel/manpower
  • Operating cost
  • Health, safety, and environment
  • Asset availability, maintenance, and utilization
Calculating the correct KPIs – correctly
A truly useful benchmark begins with getting the groundwork right. So we talk with you to jointly define and tune the goals of you benchmark. Then we set the scope of the benchmark (internal, between locations or plants, say, and/or external with peers), and determine how you want to use the results.

The answers are in the data
Experience has taught us that the key to conducting a good benchmark goes further than just knowing what you want to achieve. It also involves knowing how you are going to transform raw data into meaningful KPIs. Based on this, and drawing on hundreds of other benchmarks, our consultants can help you to:
  • identify and include the most valuable data sources
  • define meaningful deviations and allowances
  • create a representative comparison
  • set up efficient procedures to gather data internally
  • weight data sources
  • identify outliers that will affect your findings and decide on the best way to deal with them.
Gap and root cause analyses
Once the figures have been collected and validated, you will receive one or more reports, depending on whether you need a single, overall benchmark, or a multi-level benchmark covering several businesses, locations, or plants. In all cases, our gap and root cause analyses provide clear, concrete, actionable information that will lay out how to optimize and grow your business.

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

Contact us to learn more about our unique, quantitative approach. We'd be delighted to answer any questions you have and to discuss your particular business challenges.