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ORTEC developed COMETS as a client health registration and passport system for North Star Alliance. COMETS creates an electronic file for each visiting client enabling each person’s information to be exchanged between the various centers, so treatments can be continued across different locations.

COMETS is accessible for staff without advanced computer skills and is resilient to common operational challenges like power outages and breaks in connectivity. COMETS helps Medical Officers diagnose medical conditions and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The North Star Alliance Story

Since 28 September 2006, North Star Alliance has been committed to bringing high quality health services to mobile populations, through building a network of public-private partnerships, and investing in sustainable practices.

The conception, itself, was through the ground-breaking public-private partnership of the World Food Programme and TNT, and came about when they found that they were losing so many truck drivers to AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa that they were struggling to deliver food to hungry people.

While TNT had committed to responsibly address the negative impact of AIDS-related diseases within the transport sector, research by WFP indicated that some transport companies had lost more than 50% of their drivers, and that an entire generation of truck drivers was at risk.

The experience not only highlighted the vulnerability of truck drivers and other people on the move to HIV and other diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and as we’ve seen most recently, Ebola, but also the critical role they play in spreading the diseases as they move between cities and countries.

With their need for health services compounded by their access restricted by their own mobility, we thought: if they can’t get to health care, then health care needs to get to them.

Over the past eight years, North Star Alliance has done just that. And they’ve done it as a team, and as an alliance of like-minded partners who see the acute need for a targeted service like North Star Alliance's in hard-to-reach populations.

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