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Supply Chain Operations Reference - SCOR

Given the increasingly complexity of the Energy sector, and the economic pressures and market volatility in which companies must operate, optimizing supply chain management practices is more critical to success than it has ever been before.

How ORTEC adds value
SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) is a process reference model that allows users to address, improve and communicate supply chain management practices within and between all stakeholders.

The 4 SCOR stages take a company from a business strategy and vision, through supply chain assessment, data analysis and scenario calculations, to a list of possible improvements, each then quantified in terms of potential impact and risk.

SCOR is a hands-on management tool. By using process building blocks to describe supply chains, it uses a common set of definitions to describe any supply chain, from the very simple to the highly complex. The model has successfully described and provided a basis for improving supply chains for everything from global projects to site-specific projects.

ORTEC’s experienced SCOR-certified consultants have performed supply chain reviews for a variety of Oil & Gas companies in the fields of logistics, downstream distribution and terminal processes

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