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Data is becoming an integral part of your organization. Jobs from all levels are changing. Your business demands different skills than those possessed by the existing workplace. You don’t want to keep depending on external companies when it comes to data-oriented projects, but would like to build your own data science capabilities in a sustainable way. You know it’s important to teach your workforce the theoretical basis, but you consider it even more important that your team can actually use the skills acquired in their job directly.

The Analytics Academy Customers

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Our Response

Through offering a broad range of Data Science Trainings, The Analytics Academy helps organizations to grow and sustain knowledge at each stage of the data-driven transformation. Our trainings go through all layers of the organization and range from creating basic understanding at board level in order to develop a data strategy to acquiring hands-on skills enabling your staff to deliver value in data-oriented projects.
The Analytics Academy is a cooperation between ORTEC, Amsterdam Business School of University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Data Science. The founding partners bring a vast experience in Data Science and Business Analytics and offer participants the best of both worlds: the latest, models and technology and the unrivalled know-how in the practical application of that theory

What Value We Create

  • Attract and Keep Talent
    By offering future-proof development opportunities you stimulate your workforce to stay at your company.
  • Invent New Business Models
    Spot opportunities for innovation more quickly through acquired technical and business knowledge in the data science domain.
  • Sustain Knowledge and Stimulate Change
    Your workforce acquired in-house data analytics knowledge leads to increased adoption during your data-driven transformation.
  • Increase Efficiency and Effectivity
    Your workforce is able to spot opportunities that improve business processes more quickly.

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