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The Analytics Academy

The Analytics Academy is a partnership between ORTEC, the University of Amsterdam’s Business School (ABS) and Amsterdam Data Science. This gives The Analytics Academy students the best of both worlds: access through ABS to the latest theory, models and technology; and through ORTEC to unrivalled know-how in the practical application of that theory in virtually every business sector and geography.

The Analytics Academy is offering end-to-end solutions for Data Science and Business Analytics education to commercial, governmental and non-profit organizations.

The Analytics Academy Customers

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Why The Analytics Academy

  • Learn from top experts from universities and ORTEC
  • Tailor made training and education
  • Attend classes with your peers
  • Don't miss out on the Big Data revolution and become data literate

The Analytics Academy

The three founding partners of the academy bring a vast experience in Data Science and Business Analytics education, for audiences ranging from senior management to hands on Data Scientists in a wide variety of sectors and industries, including transport and logistics, energy, retail, ICT and healthcare.

Data Science knows no company boundaries. Data Science will affect every function in any company. So feel free to contact us if you believe that you lack data science skills or are afraid that you or your company lags behind your competitors.

The Analytics Academy offers tailor made education programs for all functions. Next to these we have ready-made programs specifically aiming at:
  • The C-level executives that need to devise a Big Data Strategy.
  • The boundary spanners, managers, directors and consultants who are the interface between their departments and projects and the hands-on data scientists.
  • And we provide the latest thinking, knowledge and technology to the people that are already working as a data scientist, analytics specialist or IT specialist. To refresh their minds and retrain their skills and restart their career.

Where do you start?

Many organizations face a vicious circle: a lack of in-house data science expertise means they can’t identify the skills and knowledge gaps they need to fill. Which is why ORTEC offers an Analytics Maturity Scan to help your company define your unique roadmap to Analytics maturity.

The scan focuses on the three key areas:
  • People (your analytical capabilities)
  • Technology (incl. your IT platform, data retrieval and tools)
  • Process & Organization (incl. your data quality, analytics standards, processes and ability to innovate).
The outcomes reveal where your gaps lie, and the programs and other initiatives needed to bridge them. 

The Analytics Academy

Call Susan Nuijten at +31 20 5256134 to learn more or to sign up for The Analytics Academy