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Companies know that the performance of their supply chain is of vital importance to the overall competitiveness of the organization. Yet most supply chains have grown unplanned, a tactical decision here and a merger there, but never looked at as a whole. More and more companies start to realize that the structure of their supply chain is too important to be left over to chance or ad hoc decision making. They recognize that the time has come for a disciplined, engineering approach to the design of their supply chain network.

ORTEC Supply Chain Design (OSCD)
ORTEC’s Supply Chain Design is the market-leading software for supply chain network design. OSCD uses mathematical modeling to represent your supply chain and find improvements. It allows the intuitive construction of a model through wizards, and provides end-to-end visibility of supply chain overall performance through clear graphics and KPI results. Because of its modular design based on the AIMMS optimization platform, it can be easily tailored to take into account the specific requirements of your supply chain.

How ORTEC adds value
Your supply chain, like your business, is unique. So to design the optimal network requires more than just off-the-shelf solutions. At ORTEC Consulting Group we combine in depth business knowledge with our flexible software to offer a total solution. Based on working with our clients in many industries ORTEC supply chain network design studies typically identify savings of 5-10% in supply chain operational cost. And while network design studies are traditionally done to minimize cost while maintaining or improving customer service, we see as latest trend that leading companies set as goal to design a resilient supply chain that can withstand different risk scenarios even when it’s not necessarily the lowest-cost one today. Contact us for more details about how such overall optimization of your supply chain design can make your organization more resilient to volatility and unforeseen events.
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