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Award-winning AIMMS experts

As a leader in predictive analytics consulting, we take pride in working with the best available technologies to deliver value to our clients. AIMMS is considered a cornerstone of the toolset we use at ORTEC. AIMMS is a prescriptive analytics, modeling, and optimization platform that supports complex decision making at every organizational level. It offers a strong suite of development tools, highly adaptable software and a powerful user interface.

ORTEC and AIMMS have been collaborating for decades. Our partnership has furnished our team with the insight and practical experience to perform AIMMS-based studies and build custom optimization applications quickly. We have seasoned AIMMS experts ready to help you solve your toughest business problems in a short amount of time using our rapid prototyping approach.  

A Business Critical Application in Days, not Months

Are you struggling with a specific issue in your supply chain? Looking to optimize an area of your business? Building a decision support application doesn’t have to demand millions in spending or months of your team’s valuable time. We can build an AIMMS-based prototype quickly to help you discover if there’s potential for larger gain. A working prototype makes it easier to find out if you’re truly capturing the entire scope of your problem. Having an app that users can test also makes the path to buy-in agreement more seamless.  

Work with us to kick-start your AIMMS Projects

With 35 years in the business and offices spread across the globe, our team is equipped to respond to your specific request. Get the support you need to make better decisions faster and gain a competitive edge.

  • Long-standing partnership with AIMMS and specialists in AIMMS app development
  • Decades of experience in applying operations research to solve business challenges
  • In-depth, practical understanding of a wide array of industries
  • Vetted quants and modeling experts who can guide application design and training
A Winning Team Trusted by Industry Leaders
ORTEC is trusted by leading brands in a variety of industries, from Oil & Gas to Consumer Packaged Goods to Aviation. Our work with AIMMS for TNT Express earned us the prestigious Franz Edelman Award in 2012. Other customers include Shell, BP, Coca-Cola and Heineken.

Contact us to learn more about our rapid prototyping approach and start your AIMMS project.

Solutions we have built using AIMMS

  • Supply chain analysis
  • Network design
  • Workforce planning
  • Production planning
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Manufacturing optimization
Having introduced ORTEC solutions to several countries, the first results are most promising. Aligning with our Global Optimization Program, involving over 200 countries, we achieved strong cost per unit reductions as well as service improvements in all functional areas of the concerning operations.”
TNT Logo Mark Bradley: Global Operations Director TNT Express

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