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Off-the-shelf software is ideal for meeting everyday business needs and we recommend it wherever we can. However, not every business is standard and most IT solutions are not designed to deal with your analytics challenges. ORTEC Consulting is the leading provider of customized IT solutions for advanced analytics and optimization.

Our solutions are developed with the latest web development technologies (HTML5), cloud-ready (deployed on Microsoft Azure or on-premises) and ready to be enriched with Mobile Apps (PhoneGap or native). ORTEC solutions go beyond off-the-shelf packages, because they combine our proven technology (platform and standard components) with your business specific logic.

Technology Clients

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ORTEC Consulting and Technology

  • Cloud and Mobile Ready
  • Self learning and Adaptive
  • High Performance Computing
  • Tailored to your needs

Big Data Analytics & Optimization

Organizations face the complexity of turning large, fast changing and unstructured (messy) data into valuable information, insights and decisions. ORTEC employs the latest Big Data technologies and advanced analytics tooling to process and model your data. With our solution offering applying powerful mathematical solvers like CPLEX, empowering high performance computing, and quickly creating mathematical models using AIMMS, ORTEC can deal with your analytics challenge.

The Insight to outperform

The combination of our proven technology platform with our experienced, creative and result-driven people to fully grasp your specific business challenge, deliver solutions that will raise your analytics maturity.

ORTEC offers the following technology for analytics and optimization solutions:
  • Cloud-first solutions based on our technology platform and components
  • Big data technologies (NoSql and Graph databases)
  • Advanced Analytics tooling (Distributed R, SPSS, ClickView and SSRS)

Step up to the next level

We deliver the solutions that perfectly meet your needs and catapult your business to new levels of performance – without making you dependent on us. Although our goal is to build close, durable relationships with our customers, we believe in a partnership, not dependency.
Therefore, we design customized solutions on existing, widely used software components and industry-standard frameworks like Microsoft .NET. We apply Agile, iterative development methodologies like SCRUM to create exactly the right solution for you.
By working with ORTEC Consulting we were able to access the latest and most advanced OR techniques and apply them to this problem
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