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The SCOR® reference model
The Supply Chain Council has developed a framework - the SCOR® process reference model - to describe, analyze and optimize supply chain processes and performance. SCOR® enables companies to quickly identify and measure their supply chain (and related processes) performance and make internal and external comparisons.

As a member of the Supply Chain Council, ORTEC uses a combination of the SCOR® model and its own business methodology and tools to help companies to improve their supply chain performance. SCOR® can be used to identify the relevant supply chain challenges and thereby initiate the right improvement projects. We help our clients with, for example:
  • Defining relevant supply chains 
  • Determining a supply chain strategy that fits with the company strategy 
  • Assessing current supply chain performance 
  • Benchmarking supply chain performance, both internally and externally 
  • Defining desired performance 
  • Selecting and prioritizing best practices in order to bridge the gap between current and desired performance levels 
  • Redesigning the supply chain in line with the supply chain strategy
The SCOR® model was developed in order to describe the business processes associated with movement of goods and services between suppliers and customers. The model is structured around five primary management processes, namely planning, purchasing, production, delivery and returns. Based on these building blocks the Model can be used to describe supply chains that are very simple or very complex. The SCOR® model has been able to successfully describe and provide a basis for supply chain improvement for global projects as well as site-specific projects.

How ORTEC adds value
ORTEC's supply chain consultants have in-depth knowledge of the SCOR® model and have the tools and capabilities required to use this knowledge to increase your business performance.ORTEC can also help you to build up knowledge of the SCOR® model within your business.

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