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Outperform with your supply chain

In a world where change happens at an ever faster pace and customers have higher and higher expectations of quality and service levels, businesses stand out on the quality of their supply chain.

Agility and the ability to manage costs and complexity are vital in meeting today’s challenges.

How can companies reach seemingly opposite objectives like lowering warehouse costs and having shelves stocked at all times? How can ecommerce companies keep their clients satisfied and lower the costs of return flows? How to orchestrate flexible supply chains that are made up off continuously alternating suppliers without compromising manufacturing processes?

Supply Chain Optimization Clients

  • Shell
  • shv
  • Ikea
  • albert
  • Hoogvliet Supermarkets

ORTEC Consulting and Supply Chain Optimization

  • Performance Assessments
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Planning and Control
  • Capacity Management
  • Optimizing Logistics with Big Data


ORTEC Consulting uses quantitative models and techniques to analyze and optimize your supply chain. With over 30 years of experience in applying operations research to optimize supply chains we can answer all of the above questions but we do more.

Our modeling capabilities provide the insights to optimize supply chains, underpin strategic decisions and build scenarios that give you the insight to outperform.

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Saving costs and saving the planet
Supply Chain optimization is not only about saving costs or increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Our supply chain optimization services help businesses lower their emissions and energy consumption without missing out on their strategic objectives.

Join these industry leaders
Companies like TNT, Shell, BP, Air France/KLM, IKEA, Albert Heijn and Heineken rely on our advice and custom made planning systems, to support their decision making processes and optimize –all parts of – their supply chain.
We increased the quality of deliveries to shops. That is because ORTEC allows us to make delivery time realistic. We maximized vehicle loading rates, routes are planned optimally, and we observed up to 10% decrease in kilometers per pallet”


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