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Each business has its own story, challenges, opportunities and strategy. But how do you keep finding and implementing the ideas and solutions that will move it forward? How do you make those periodic leaps that are needed so you can then benefit from new and emerging opportunities like advanced business analytics, big data and business optimization?


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How we can help you

  • Over 35 Years of Experience
  • Trusted by Market Leaders
  • Hands-on specialist
  • From Actionable Advice to User-Friendly Solutions

Our experts can start today

You could train or recruit someone. But is that the best use of your resources when facing a one-time challenge? Or when the need is short term? Wouldn’t it be smarter to hire an outside expert? Someone for a few months, or to work on a specific project, or to support you for a specified number of hours a week? Someone, moreover, who understands your industry and where it’s going and why? Someone who has helped other customers with challenges similar to yours? Someone who knows what questions to ask, where to find the answers, and what to do next?

Background and Experience

Our people have the background and experience in your industry to crunch your data, perform advanced analyses and optimize your business. They employ the latest mathematical techniques and IT tools to provide you with useful information, relevant insights and improved, fact-based decision making. And they are available for project-based work and interim positions in your organization.
ORTEC’s in-depth knowledge was clearly visible and very important to us"

People with the right skills for your job

ORTEC Consulting has those people. Experienced, analytic and result-driven. Passionate about investigating and eliminating complexity. Possessing a helicopter view while also being hands-on. And with a track record of solving your one-time problem every day.

All our people are qualified quants specialized in:
  • Quantitative Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Optimization Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Business & Industry Consultancy

Learn more about the ORTEC approach

Contact us to learn more about our unique, quantitative approach. We'd be delighted to answer any questions you have and to discuss your particular business challenges.