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At ORTEC, we like to empower you with the latest mathematical optimization technology and advanced analytics techniques to help you optimize your business. Our consultants understand your industry and its trends, and they are ready to help you grow your business accordingly. We have worked with many customers with challenges like yours, and we know exactly what questions to ask, where to find the answers, and what steps need to be taken next.


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Our Background and Experience

Our consultants have the background and experience to interpret data, perform advanced analyses and improve business operations and decision-making in any industry. Since 1981, we have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, and we have the track record to prove it.

We provide actionable advice to our customers and make it an effortless, useful and pleasant experience. Our consultants are equipped with the latest mathematical techniques and IT tools to provide you with the most relevant insight and facts to base your decisions on.

We Have the Right Skills for Your Job

Our people are data-driven at heart and are eager to turn their broad expertise into concrete value. They are experienced and bring along an analytical and results-driven attitude.

Here Are Some of Our Specializations:

  • Quantitative Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Optimization Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Business & Industry Consultancy
ORTEC’s in-depth knowledge was clearly visible and very important to us"

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We would love to join you in your journey toward data-driven decision making.
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