The ORTEC Big Data Portal for Small and Medium Companies

The ORTEC Big Data Portal for small and medium enterprises

Big data is not just for big business

Small to medium enterprises form the backbone of the economy. They employ most of the workforce and they drive most of the innovation. The paradox, however, is that due to their size and entrepreneurial nature, they sometimes lack the time, knowledge and budget to implement some of the breakthroughs they have introduced into society themselves. Such is the case with big data.

As a small business, you’re so busy taking care of customers that you may not be able to reap the benefits of analytics. But Big Data and Analytics are two things you can’t afford to miss out on. Even if you believe that you don’t have that much data or are pretty comfortable with your company’s performance. No business is immune to disruption.

At least one of your competitors is already deploying Big Data

New technologies spread like wildfire. You can be sure that somewhere on the planet one of your competitors is deploying big data tools and techniques and performing analytics for business improvement. They might be improving their forecasts, lowering their transportation costs, saving a few dollars here and there and learning more about their customers every day. We live in a globalized world and your competition is not only around the corner, it can come from the most unexpected places.

The Power of the large within reach of the many

The ORTEC Big Data portal brings the power of the large within reach of the many. With our help and on our platform, you can get the insights you need to outperform your competition. In a trusted environment and on the Microsoft Azure platform, you can analyze and connect all of your company’s data. Our Big Data Portal integrates with Excel, so you can import your worksheets with a single click. Get the benefits of visualization, analyses and storage in a user-friendly dashboard and start outpacing your peers.

Not sure where or how to start? Our consultants can help you every step of the way. We can create workflows, provide training or even do the work for you if you lack the staff. Contact us to learn more
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