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Adding insights to optimization
Most companies produce and gather masses of operational data, but turning it into useful information isn’t so easy. Apart from access to technical knowledge and resources you may not have, you also need to know what insights your data could provide, and how best to use data to improve operations and help your company achieve its wider goals.

ORTEC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of optimization software. Many of our products have become industry household names, including ORTEC Routing and Dispatch, ORTEC Service Planning, ORTEC Workforce Scheduling and ORTEC Inventory Routing. But the ORTEC Big Data Portal takes our already world class optimization to another level, by providing real-time analyses of the data generated by our routing and workforce scheduling products. Giving you the insights you need into how your operations are performing, when you need them and in a user-friendly format that suits how you work.

How ORTEC adds value

Safe and secure
The data your company produces is invaluable and often commercially sensitive. The ORTEC Big Data Portal first ensures it’s stored in a safe, secure environment, where we can quickly process it into a format that enables effective analytics. So you can make smarter business decisions at the operational, tactical and strategic levels.

From data into insights
In the area of Transportation Logistics, for example, we’ve developed a dashboard that uses the client’s data to show its performance against template KPIs relevant to most companies in the sector, such as Empty Mileage, Truck Utilization, Cost Margins, etc. But we can also tailor those KPIs to your specific needs, for example by refining your definition of ‘empty’ to, say, <5% full.

Whatever your sector, whatever your goals
We develop structured data models for each specific industry, ranging from Aviation to Oil & Gas. And with decades of Big Data and Analytics expertise in pretty well every industry and geography, we can help you precisely define your company’s KPIs whatever your sector. For example, we used a major car repair firm’s data to help them identify the best- and worst-in-class outlets against a number of key service and commercial criteria.

Joined-up thinking
We also help you leverage data from one business area to enhance performance in another. So having helped a cooking oil recycling company measure its clients by revenue-per-order, we then mapped that information against routing data to identify where increased client density would most enhance truck utilization. So Sales targets could be geared to deliver maximum positive impact on Logistics routing.
ORTEC is a global company at the cutting edge of Business Analytics
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