A Big Data Portal for Marketeers

The ORTEC Big Data Portal for Marketeers

This is the age of the data-driven marketer. To succeed in today’s marketplace, your growth team needs to be able to understand, adapt to and anticipate customer behavior. But consider everything your marketing team is responsible for on a day-to-day basis: newsletters, social media, website content, webinars, SEA, SEO...the list goes on. Not all marketing teams have dedicated engineers and data analysts on board to build custom dashboards or optimization models. Our Big Data Portal brings agility to your marketing operation and helps you make informed decisions so you can stay on target and on budget.

Turn your customer journey into a customer highway

No one ever said that the buying journey has to be long and winding. But that is what most organizations make of it. Lead generation, qualification and conversion are not just terms. They are the livelihood of each marketer and salesperson. Imagine your sales and marketing teams aligned, sharing crucial information, having the same dashboard and knowing who should take which action when. You can achieve this and more.

Don’t waste your budget

Marketers used to say that more than half of their budget is wasted. They just don’t know which half. The ORTEC Big Data portals gives you conversion attribution. With the portal, you’re able to attach each lead and each conversion to every single step and every action you take. So now, you’ll know where and how to spend your marketing budget wisely.

Real Time insights allow for real time actions

Maybe your marketing landscape could do with some pruning. Tools are all over the place: your marketing automation tools, your social media dashboards, your website analytics, CRM systems, traditional excel sheets, and finance systems. Some provide real time insights, some provide a daily update, some are created on a monthly basis and others need processing time. But in today’s environment you need actionable insights in real time. You need to know what the results of your actions are and how to tune them so that they become effective. But you also need to learn from the past to predict the effects of your actions in the future. In the ORTEC Big Data Portal, you can build workflows that provide cross-landscape insights. Learn about cause and effect and leverage your data to make predictions. Use these insights to address questions such as:

  • What is the impact of our marketing campaigns?
  • Are there interesting patterns or information we can use to improve?
  • What should our future marketing campaigns focus on?
  • How can we model expected customer behavior?
  • How should we target campaigns to get better results?
  • How can we optimize our budget spending?
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