A Big Data Portal for Corporate Analytics

The ORTEC Big Data Portal for Corporate Analytics

Drawing actionable insights from your data doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our Big Data Portal, your team can access dashboards and other visualization, forecasting and optimization tools to get the insights they need in just a few clicks. The Portal can be used to implement analytics initiatives across departments, including HR and finance.

HR analytics

Your team is your largest asset. Understanding how to align your talent investments with your strategic goals is crucial. Yet, while most companies have incredibly valuable workforce data, the gap between HR and analytics is large. Leveraging this data to make smarter hiring decisions is hard. Companies are often compelled to look for specific software vendors that can help them implement an entire HR analytics system. But not all businesses are prepared to make such large investments. Our Big Data Portal helps your HR department tap into its existing capabilities. Our data scientists provide the technical expertise and your team can focus on answering the questions that matter:

  • How can we improve our recruitment strategy?
  • How do our recruitment policies impact performance?
  • What is the risk of our employees leaving?
  • What is the impact of our training initiatives?
  • How efficient are we as an organization?
  • Are our assumptions about our organizational structure valid?
  • What is the impact of having a diverse workforce?
  • Our Big Data Portal helps you extract key talent metrics that actually contribute to your business priorities. But that’s not all. The portal helps you make the link between HR and other departments, such as finance, so you can make performance improvements across the board.

    Finance analytics

    The last few years, the role of the CFO has changed. Simply stated, from a bookkeeper to a business enabler. At the same time modern and complex organizations need to be adaptive to changes in their environment. Reporting standards change, accountability changes, governance practices change and the CFO’s responsibility to manage is the only constant. This changing role in the organization drives a change in information needs. Virtual fast close and rolling forecasts were as exotic as derivatives a few years ago. Now, they belong to almost every CFO’s toolkit. Regardless of how sophisticated they may be, each accounting system and each reporting tool has its weaknesses. What if you could tackle those weak points by creating a simple workflow? Tailor your dashboards to your information needs and have one tool that rules all your data.

    The ORTEC Big Data portal allows for that and more. Connect your ERP systems to your reporting tools, assess the impact of a disruption in your supply chain with one click of the mouse. Inform shareholders and stakeholders faster and more accurately than ever before. It’s that simple.

    With ORTEC’s Big Data Portal, you can not only analyze your current financial situation, you can also run forecasts or perform scenario analyses to create a robust and scalable plan for the future. We take you from from Hindsight (standard and ad hoc reports) to Insight (drilling down, alerts and statistical analysis), to Foresight (forecasting, predictive modelling and optimization). You provide the data, we empower you with the right tools to tackle questions such as:

    • How can we improve our financial performance?
    • What is our expected financial situation for the coming years?
    • What capabilities (budget and/or HR capacity) do we need to achieve our goals?
    • How will current trends impact our financial situation?
    • What is our best possible financial outcome and how can we best achieve it?
    Get the insights you need to outperform and lay the foundation for future success.
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