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Predictive Maintenance and Asset Management

Every day you’re balancing between keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible and avoiding asset failures and downtime. Your decision will save or cost your company a lot of money. An uncertainty that’s keeping you busy, especially for a highly demanding environment like yours. You want to take control and go home while knowing you made the best maintenance decisions.

Your assets are generating increasing amounts of data. Data you can use to find the perfect-timed moments of maintenance or even to seamlessly align your asset management with your resources. You know data is filled with potential to support your decision-making in asset maintenance, but you have to cope with a large amount of variables, relations and dependencies….making it a complex puzzle to solve.

Our Response

At ORTEC we know how to leverage data and providing decision support models to help you to become fully adaptive to change and always take the best maintenance decision. Our passionate professionals quickly create value by using different analytical and modelling techniques and by taking an incremental approach that guides you on the growth path to mature and integrated asset maintenance.

What Value We Create

  • Increased Profit
    More efficient use of inventory, increased resource efficiency and reduced downtime of production facilities
  • Improved Satisfaction
    Meeting the increasing demands of your customers and reducing the stress levels of your employees
  • Being In Control
    Increased predictability and balanced decision making leading to continuous growth
  • Better Footprint
    Prevent unnecessary maintenance activities and logistics through increased asset and production efficiency.

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